Strawberry frosting

Strawberry frosting

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This Homemade Strawberry Frosting is the Best you’ll ever make! And there’s two different ways to achieve it! You can use fresh strawberries that have been decreased more than the stove to improve taste, or freeze dried strawberries!

The Best Homemade Strawberry Frosting Recipe

I would say that of all the flavors of frosting, I get the most concerns about strawberry frosting. It’s a bit illusive. Strawberry puree alone often doesn’t lend adequate flavor and if you add as well considerably, you thin out your frosting past in which it’s usable. And if you include chunks of strawberries, it really throws factors off. So what’s a strawberry lover to do?

I’ve employed both these methods for strawberry frosting before in numerous recipes on the website and ultimately decided to put it into its own post and give you all my tips! Very first, let’s go in excess of each ways to make this frosting. One particular approach is to use fresh strawberries that have been cooked in a pan on the stove to lessen the liquid and develop a thicker, stronger strawberry puree/sauce. The 2nd method would be to grind up freeze dried strawberries and include the powder to your frosting.

How to Make Strawberry Frosting

The two techniques of strawberry frosting have the identical frosting base. A lot like my vanilla buttercream frosting, you’ll begin with your butter (and shortening, if you like) and beat that until it’s good and smooth. From there, you’ll add about half of the powdered sugar and mix it all together right up until smooth.

Following, you’ll want to include your strawberry flavoring. If utilizing fresh strawberries, you’ll want to have your strawberry reduction ready and great. To make it, puree your strawberries and strain the puree to get rid of the seeds. Whilst straining it isn’t totally essential, it’s good to do so that your frosting doesn’t have small seeds in it.

From there, slowly cook the puree on the stove and decrease it by half. This basically doubles up the strawberry flavor while also giving you a thicker puree to add to your frosting. Awesome the strawberry reduction and then you’re prepared to include it to your frosting. I typically include about 3 to four tablespoons so that my frosting doesn’t thin out also considerably. If you choose a thinner frosting (which is usually ok for cupcakes and sheet cakes, but much less excellent for layer cakes), you can add a small more.

If you’re performing to use the freeze dried strawberries, you’ll pop them into your meals processor and grind them into a powder, then just add the powder to the frosting. It’s a considerably less complicated and quicker way to go, if you’re ready to discover them at your store.

The only other issue that’s distinct with the freeze dried strawberry approach is that you’ll need to also add some cream or water to it. Since the reduction adds liquid to the frosting naturally, you don’t require any added. But with this edition, the dry powder doesn’t do the task on it’s very own and a small liquid is required to thin out the frosting a bit.

From there – irrespective of which edition you make – you’ll want to add a touch of vanilla extract and the remaining powdered sugar and combine it all together until it’s wonderful and smooth.

Can I Use Frozen Strawberries in this Frosting?

Frozen strawberries would be a fine selection to use for this strawberry frosting. I personally don’t like to use them due to the fact you can’t inform prior to buying and thawing them if they have great flavor or not. Because the flavor influences the frosting so significantly, I like to know that mine smell incredible and have great flavor. The other point about frozen strawberries is the water additional. Yes, you’ll cook them down and intensify the taste, but once again I just prefer understanding I’m getting the greatest and strongest flavor. So even though you can undoubtedly use them, they aren’t my preference.

What Can make this the Greatest Strawberry Frosting Recipe?

Irrespective of how you decided to go with your strawberry frosting, both versions are wonderful! In truth, even even though the freeze dried strawberries give some extreme flavor, the strawberry reduction actually does a wonderful task of keeping up. I could hardly tell a distinction among them as far as taste. The excellent information about that is that you have two wonderful approaches to producing the ideal homemade strawberry frosting!

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