Soft peanut butter cookies

Soft peanut butter cookies

Soft Peanut Butter Cookies are crispy on the outdoors, soft and slightly chewy on the within, and prepared in 15 minutes! NO CHILL TIME Needed!

These Peanut Butter Cookies are the very best cookies to place in your recipe box! A family members favourite cookie that’s taken Years to get Excellent!

Peanut Butter Cookies

When you bake a cookie, you want the ideal mouthful. Regardless of whether you want a cake-y cookie or a crunchy cookie — or my favourite — a soft melt-in-your-mouth cookie that’s crisp at the same time. THAT, my buddies, is what these Peanut Butter Cookies are produced of. And they won’t disappoint.


I know it’s a big call to make….but you all know me by now. I don’t muck close to. Peanut Butter Cookies are so insanely addictive, the total tray disappears ahead of you can get one particular in to your mouth. (That is, if you have men and women coming in and out of your home OR residing with you. Get ready to fight above One cookie.)

What tends to make these diverse from other cookies? Most peanut butter cookies I’ve experimented with are either also challenging (like biting into rocks), as well floury, too dry, or lack the best sum of sweet vs salty.

The best part is that these peanut butter cookies require components you possibly have on hand already: Creamy peanut butter (spreadable) — not all-natural peanut butter. You can also use chunky! White sugar, brown sugar, unsalted butter (not margarine — your cookies might come out dry), an egg, salt, baking powder, pure vanilla extract and flour.


Peanut butter cookies could not get any less complicated, I guarantee you, just don’t neglect to preheat your oven very first. Beat with each other the butter and peanut butter right up until creamy, then beat in both white and brown sugars along with the vanilla extract. The egg goes in and your cookie batter should be light and creamy.

Fold in your flour, baking powder and salt. There is no need to have to combine the dry ingredients in a separate bowl, just throw them in and fold. Add in half of your chocolate chips. We really like semi sweet, but you can use dark, milk or white if you favor.


The brown sugar in these make sure the soft, practically fudge-like inside texture, even though the sum of butter and peanut butter get care of the crisp, golden brown exterior.

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