Homemade potato chips

Homemade potato chips

There is no want to set up a deep fryer to make fantastic potato chips — the oven is just fine. Element of the charm of homemade chips is that they’re a small thicker and have a lot more of a bite than chips from a bag. And very best of all, you can serve them warm! Here is an chance for the yin-yang factor: warm potato chip with crme frache, a little slice of smoked salmon, smoked trout, or a bit of caviar, and a shot of really chilled vodka. Quick celebration.

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    • two medium Yukon Gold or Idaho potatoes, peeled and sliced into 1/8-inch slices on a mandoline or other handheld slicer
    • three tablespoons olive, canola, or peanut oil
    • N/A Salt
    • N/A freshly ground pepper


    1. Preheat the oven to 400°F. Slice the potatoes into a bowl and right away toss them with the oil. Season lightly with salt and arrange them in a single layer on a baking sheet. Bake in the oven until golden brown — about twelve-15 minutes. Season again lightly with salt and pepper when they come out of the oven. Transfer to a rack to amazing for optimum crispness.
  1. Weighing your choices
    1. If you want to be a minor much more daring, don’t limit your self to salt and pepper — you can season with ancho chile powder, ground cumin, minced herbs, toasted sesame seeds, ground nori (toasted black seaweed sheets employed to roll sushi) — actually something you like. Just be sure to season immediately soon after the chips come out of the oven, while there is nevertheless some res >

      Nutritional Data

      • Calories 86
      • Carbohydrates 9 g(three%)
      • Fat 5 g(8%)
      • Protein one g(2%)
      • Saturated Unwanted fat 1 g(four%)
      • Sodium 136 mg(six%)
      • Polyunsaturated Unwanted fat 2 g
      • Fiber 1 g(five%)
      • Monounsaturated Fat 2 g

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      Wait can i take them out a minor early then soak then put em back in?

      Hello! I really like salt and vinegar so can I toss them in oil then soak in vinegar

      loved it, however i allow it marinate in the oil for 20-thirty mins with salt and pepper as well as thyme and onion powder, and had it in the oven on 200c or 400f for 12-15 min

      I’m going to try out this with soft corn tortillas! Wish me luck!

      Great recipe! I used a Fiesta spice blend for further taste. Only thing is I had to bake them for twice as long to get them completely completed. Generally I use the mandolin to slice the potatoes, but this time I did them by hand at exactly one/8 inch and it took longer. Totally really worth the additional time!

      Why are mine sticking to the cookie sheet?

      Just a query. How is the oil going to spatter when you are only employing a couple of tablespoons? This recipe is for the oven not deep frying.

      This is a pretty standard recipe, but a good guide for creating fried potato chips. I 2nd @justinic about patting the potatoes dry. If they’re wet, the oil will spatter and they will burn up, or reach a dark brown quicker. Utilized up a lot of paper towels just making an attempt to drain them. Other suggestions?

      I really like this ! I do in reality have to slice my personal potatoes as a result some are more substantial than other individuals – It is a very good concept right after the first ten min to observe closely, I took the thinner ones out whilst cooking the more substantial ones a tiny longer – But they turned out Fantastic !

      not poor at all. try sprinkled with Old Bay seasoning.

      I enjoy this recipe. I use parchment paper and they will not stick at all. Also, following about 15 minutes, I start off taking out the ones that are cooked and leaving the other individuals that require much more time to cook for a few moments. That way the chips are all ideal. Great with hamburgers!

      The chips turned out just Ok. They were a bit too greasy.

      This was extremely basic! The taste was very good, but did have to cook them significantly longer then mentioned. I feel it was almost twenty minutes, but they are a great side item or snack.

      Sounded like a great notion, but the minor chips baked onto my pan like gum on blacktop. Tough to get off. Perhaps I require new pans.

      This is a excellent-tasting recipe that is pretty rapid to put together. A fantastic way to adjust up your potato side for a weeknight. I like to make these as a side for a gourmet sandwich, but is also flexible sufficient to be utilized as a side for pork chops. Right here are a couple of tips. make sure you cover every slice with oil. otherwise some chips turn out ideal and others are burned to a dark brown. I use a drying rack to bake these on. you will use less oil than you would on a baking sheet and they come off the rack far better. I sprinkled these with salt/pepper ahead of and right after baking. I also used smoked paprika following baking. tasted fantastic. These also appeared greater tating when they had been cooled to space temperature! This is a wonderful reality so you could make them earlier than the major or side.

      One point that you must always do before you make these, is soon after you’ve sliced them, PAT THEM DRY. This is vital anytime you want something to have a great crisp to it.

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